Lubricating Silicone Grease

Lubricating silicone grease, which has excellent properties of temperature and weather resistance, is developed from a kind of special silicone oil. It can keep unified kinematic coefficient of viscosity at the temperatures ranging from -60 to 200℃ and does not age in 25 years, Therefore, it is suitable for applying to kinematic lubrication in compressor bearing or plastic components and will not cause crack of pressure to resins such ad panlite, acetal resin and ABS, etc. In addition, it performs better than general lubricating silicone applied steal interfaces.

Type KQ692
Specific Gravity(25 ℃ ) 1.0±0.1
Applicable Temperature( ℃ ) -40 ~ 180
Volatile Content(%,105 ℃,24hrs) ≤0.2
Oil Separation(%, 105 ℃,24hrs) ≤2.0