【RTV Rubber】
Features of RTV Rubber
◇With different fluidity and thixotropy、good heat-resistant and sealing performance、strong adhesion、fast curing at room temperature and easy to apply.
◇With superior resistance to ozone 、ultraviolet rays、weather and superior electrical properties, DO not burn easy.
◇With superior resistance to cold and heat, good flexibility and intensity at temperatures ranging from -40℃ to +200℃.
◇Waterproof, superior resistance to media、diluted acid and diluted alkali.
◇With strong adhesion to copper、aluminium、PC、PET、as well as other electronic components.
◇Through curing, the colloid forms a middle-module perpetual elastomer with outstanding air tightness、 shock and vibration resistance.
◇Through curing time varies with the coating thickness, environmental temperature and humidity. Generally, it takes about 24 hours or more for RTV to cure completely at the room temperature.
◇Other available types include reduced LMW(Low Molecular Weight) siloxane types, thermally conductive types and flame resistance types.