【RTV Rubber (Oxime Neutral Type) 】
Oxime Neutral Type:
◇Oil-resistant sealing products KQ31 and KQ33 are of sealing and fixing of all kinds of oil and water pipe tie-ins and thread or flat connections in mechanical equipment; for gluing and fixing of electronic instruments; as well as for seals instrument panels for automobile use, car lights, automatic wave boxes, engine bottom shells and motor welding seam; for sealing and gluing of the automobile doors and windows for the purpose of shock resistance and noise reduction.
◇Heat-resistant and sealing products KQ32, KQ35 and KQ37 are for applying to sealing and gluing of products that have specific requests on heat resistance, such as induction cookers, microwave ovens, electric heaters, irons, electric pans, electric ovens, etc, in the home appliance manufacture industry; for gluing, filling and protecting many other devices that are heat-resistant, cold-resistant, insulative, waterproof and shockproof.
◇Other available types include reduced LMW(Low Molecular Weight) siloxane types, thermally conductive types, thermally conductive types and flame resistance types.